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Our story

Design process



Our story

Moving away from clichés, concept project,
Contracting is a new company in the field of wooden furniture and seating groups production.
2005 with the aim of expanding horizons and gathering both the 'bests' and the 'firsts' within our structure.
We were established in .
We have expanded our activity areas over time to carry our journey, which we started with the production of office furniture, to the world stage.
For hotels, resorts, educational institutions, hospitals, residences
Project planning, production and assembly stages of all wooden furniture
We added it to our activities.
While producing at world standards, we use human resources trained with the understanding of quality, designs and products we prepare based on needs and habits.
We have never given up on customer satisfaction.
In this way, today; Algeria, France, Brazil, Qatar and
We proudly represent our country in Turkmenistan and open new offices in new countries.
We work with excitement.
As DOB, we; The success we progress with the main principles of honesty, diligence and transparency
We promise that we will never go out of your way.

Tropical Almond Tree

Design process

 First Communication and Needs Analysis

Our first step is to meet with you and listen to your demands and dreams. A detailed need to understand the needs of your spaces, discover your aesthetic preferences and shape your project.

We do the analysis.


 Concept Development

Unique in line with your needs and tastes

We create concepts. We share our suggestions on color palettes, material choices and design elements, and determine the outlines of the design together.


3D Modeling and Visualization

Upon the approved concept, we move on to the 3D modeling phase by detailing our design. In this way, we realistically visualize how the project will look and make sure that the design meets your expectations.

As DOB Design, we carefully plan every step in the design process.those who and we bring your projects to life. We are here to make your living spaces special with you.


We select the most suitable materials to ensure the quality and durability of the design. We create special furniture and decoration products with hand craftsmanship and modern production techniques.

In the production facilities established on an area of 6000 m2 in Istanbul Başakşehir region, 86 personnel who are experts in their fields work in different departments ranging from flooring to wood, from metal to logistics. The latest technologies and methods are integrated into the factory system by the R&D team consisting of 15 experts in order to manage time, material and energy management more efficiently in production.

DOB Design. Production


DOB Design.'s creative team has a passion for pushing the boundaries of design and redefining aesthetics. Our designers turn our customers' dreams into reality by combining original ideas, intricate details and functionality.

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